About Avada

Our Mission

At Avada, we believe there is a better way to collect, process and share digital media. A smarter, faster and easier way, using secure platform technology rather than DVD/USB drives and existing traditional systems.

It could be sharing digital media/evidence between local government and an enforcement agency, a SAR from an individual or insurance company or the convergence of live video to a control room to manage a public event safely.

We're obsessively passionate about streamlining your work-flows, and our mission is to help you achieve better outcomes.

Our Story

We gained our expertise through over 20 years of work in data, software, networked video, epos and loyalty apps.

Working with international retailers, policing and enforcement, government departments, sports and event venues, entertainment and leisure.

We are excited to deliver a platform that provides significantly increased efficiencies, reduced reputational risk, enhanced collaborative work-flows and better outcomes by directly impacting the bottom line.

Let Avada streamline your digital media work-flows.

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Ultra-secure, lightning-fast and GDPR compliant. We've designed optimised work-flows to speed up and simplify how you share and manage your digital media/evidence.



When world-leading retailers, government departments, law enforcement and sporting venues want to take control of their digital media/evidence management, they talk to us.