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The use of digital media/evidence is a powerful tool in the fight against crime in the education sector, both in its prevention and detection. The use of video is expanding at both schools and universities.

The education sector works closely with the police and security advisers to ensure the safety and wellbeing of community staff and students.

Compliance with GDPR is vital, and the processing of digital media has to be with care, oversight and governance, there is a real risk of significant reputational damage if neglected.

At Avada, we design work-flow solutions that eliminate risk and enhance efficiencies. We've figured out the best way to collect and share digital evidence from CCTV, mobile phones, dash cams, and body cams and how to analyse and extract additional intelligence.

Keeping procedures under continual review is especially important in the light of recent and potential threats.

We understand that it's essential to be able to securely share and instantly view digital evidence from multiple sources. We also know you need to store digital evidence securely, adding archive indexing for future retrieval and not forgetting the need to guarantee compliance with GDPR.

Academic life is not without risk. Therefore some security measures are needed to maintain a safe and secure environment for staff, students and visitors.

Securing your advantage with Avada | My CCTV means being able to collect and process more digital media using fewer resources and better collaborative inter-department working practices, leading to better outcomes.

Eliminating the use of DVD/USB drives, processing, and archiving digital media/evidence in full compliance with GDPR and the ability to converge live surveillance video from external systems drives cost saving

The education sector typically uses the following Avada | My CCTV work-flows - Share my CCTV, Network my CCTV, Mask my CCTV and Convert my CCTV.

If you would like to understand how Avada | My CCTV will work for your organisation, get in touch, we're always happy to discuss your needs and offer advice on the right solution for you.

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Ultra-secure, lightning-fast and GDPR compliant. We've designed optimised work-flows to speed up and simplify how you share and manage your digital media/evidence.



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