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Delivering on network safety and security.

As transport and logistic networks expand and become more complex, so does the challenge to keep them safe and secure. One of the most successful and widespread security tactics is the use of network video.

Security policy for transport hubs, networks and logistics include keeping the public safe, the protection of critical infrastructure and valuable goods.

The use of both live and recorded video is critical to facilitating incident investigations and person of interest identifications, allowing multiple authorised persons to view video instantly at the same time, from anywhere is an advantage, but delivering it is a challenge.

At Avada, we design work-flow solutions that eliminate risk and enhance efficiencies. We've figured out the best way to share digital media/evidence from network video security systems and how we to securely stream live footage for authorised individuals or organisations to view.

Next time you need to share digital media/evidence or broadcast a secure live video link between a transport hub and the police - think Avada.

We understand that it's essential to be able to quickly and securely share and instantly view digital evidence from multiple sources. We also know you need to store digital evidence securely, adding archive indexing for future retrieval and not forgetting the need to guarantee compliance with GDPR.

Reducing the time and effort required to process, share and document digital evidence will generate significant savings and improved security outcomes.

Securing your advantage with Avada | My CCTV means being able to share digital evidence faster and using fewer resources and better collaborative inter-agency working practices, leading to safe and secure locations.

Eliminating the use of DVD/ USB drives, sharing digital evidence faster and the ability to converge live surveillance video from external systems drives cost savings by using resources more effectively.

Transport and logistics typically use the following Avada | My CCTV work-flows - Share my CCTV, Network my CCTV, Mask My CCTV and Convert my CCTV.

If you would like to understand how Avada | My CCTV will work for your organisation, get in touch, we're always happy to discuss your needs and offer advice on the right solution for you.

Let Avada streamline your digital media work-flows.

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Ultra-secure, lightning-fast and GDPR compliant. We've designed optimised work-flows to speed up and simplify how you share and manage your digital media/evidence.



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