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Ensuring a fair outcome every time.

As video surveillance cameras capture more and more of our daily life, the evidence to prove the truth or to attribute the correct blame for an incident is becoming more frequently available.

The growth in the availability of digital evidence is a super-trend. Great news! It offers new and improved opportunities for insurance companies to deliver fair outcomes every time

The flip side of this opportunity is that the collection of video evidence can be time-consuming, frustrating and costly.

At Avada, we are designing work-flow solutions that eliminate frustration and improve efficiencies. We've figured out the best way to collect digital evidence from CCTV, mobile phones, dash cams, and body cams and how to analyse and extract additional intelligence.

The successful collection and successful processing of digital evidence will be a game-changer for in insurance companies striving to deliver fair outcomes.

We understand that advantages of being able to quickly and efficiently gather and view digital evidence from multiple sources. We also know you need to store digital evidence securely, adding archive indexing for future retrieval and not forgetting the need to guarantee compliance with GDPR.

Reducing the time and effort required to collection to digital evidence will generate significant savings and fairer outcomes.

Securing your advantage with Avada | My CCTV means being able to collect digital evidence using fewer resources using efficient work-flows, leading to fairer outcomes and quicker case completion.

Streamlining the evidence request process, eliminating the use of DVD/USB drives, delivering cost savings by using resources more effectively and helps achieve fairer outcomes.

The Insurance sector typically uses the following Avada | My CCTV work-flows - Request my CCTV, Mask my CCTV and Convert my CCTV.

If you would like to understand how Avada | My CCTV will work for your organisation, get in touch, we're always happy to discuss your needs and offer advice on the right solution for you.

Let Avada streamline your digital media work-flows.

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Ultra-secure, lightning-fast and GDPR compliant. We've designed optimised work-flows to speed up and simplify how you share and manage your digital media/evidence.



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