Network my CCTV

Built on the Avada | My CCTV platform

Network my CCTV is a work-flow that runs on the Avada | My CCTV platform. We designed it for organisations that need to converge digital media/evidence and live video from multiple sources.

Avada | My CCTV is a modular platform built in the cloud. Its core function is to intelligently and securely process digital media/evidence. We designed and built it to run optimised work-flows that speed up and simplify how you collect, process, share and manage your digital media/evidence. It’s ultra-secure, lightning-fast, auto-scaling, robust, flexible, intelligent and GDPR compliant.

Secure your advantage with Network my CCTV.

We help you achieve:

⦿ Converge live video from multiple sources to multiple view points and control rooms.

⦿ Replace inefficient in-situ-in-person with secure remote viewing.

⦿ Friction-free collaboration with internal and external teams.

⦿ Upgrade live video intelligence using intelligent data analysis.

How we do it

⦿ End-to-end, secure live video convergence cloud platform.

⦿ System agnostic design for flexible customisation.

⦿ Risk-free, secure and robust, bank-grade security.

⦿ On-hand support for work-flow analysis and system design.

⦿ Fast and secure user invite and ID verification.


Ultra-secure, lightning-fast and GDPR compliant. We've designed optimised work-flows to speed up and simplify how you share and manage your digital media/evidence.



When world-leading retailers, government departments, law enforcement and sporting venues want to take control of their digital media/evidence management, they talk to us.